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Suitable match for trailer

We are buying a camper trailer that weighs less than 750 kg and want to tow it with my 2003 TS Holden Astra SXi, which has a towing capability of 1000 kg braked. Will it take it? If not, could you recommend makes/models that could easily take it, but are also fuel efficient for the everyday drive and have good boot space? I've been looking at the Forester, Captiva and Cherokee so far.

It should tow your trailer without a problem, as long as the trailer is braked, and you are sure it weighs less than 1000 kg when loaded with all of your gear. In addition to the cars you are looking at there are plenty of other cars that could also tow your camper, like the Kia Santa Fe, Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V etc.