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Snow easy answer

I WAS interested to read that you cannot fit snow chains to the Ford Focus, as we have a new Mazda6 Hatch and chains cannot be fitted to that either. There is insufficient space between the tyre and suspension, which we discovered on a recent snow trip. We spoke to a Mazda dealer who advised us not to try fitting chains because of the damage they may cause. Is there any way to fit chains?

WE CHECKED with Mazda and were advised that chains can be fitted to the Mazda6 Limited, Luxury and Luxury Sport models. They do not recommend fitting them to the Classic versions as the gap between the tyre side wall and suspension arm is not sufficient. One solution is to buy narrower wheels and tyres to get more clearance, but the clear message to anyone wanting to visit the snow is to check if your car can be fitted with chains before you hand over your cash on one that won't do what you want it to do.