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Problems with a 2010 Volkswagen CC?

Asked by Don

My 2010 VW CC was recently serviced (150,000 km) and I asked for an intermittent fault in the reversing camera to be diagnosed. I was asked if I wanted the emission update fitted, which I declined until legal action against VGA is finalised. The vehicle was returned with camera and park sensors disabled as diagnosis identified a damaged wire loom to the camera. The replacement cost was $1100. I’m not happy, as I asked for a diagnosis only, so after much back and forth between the dealer and VGA, a three-way cost share was agreed. VGA refused to warrant the wire harness due to the vehicle exceeding the presumed life (7years). After waiting for parts to arrive from Germany it turns out the camera control module was faulty. There was no offer from the dealer or VGA for assistance. I collected the car and the engine warning light came on. Exhaust manifold swirl control identified as culprit. Cost to replace was $1100 for full manifold. Item not sold individually by VGA. Find OEM part number for the item available on line and discussed with dealership re fitting. No worries, they said, we can do that for you as 'goodwill' due to camera costs. I wait for the component to arrive and delivered the vehicle to the dealer. I was then told that that was not the problem, that it’s the fan control module. Cost $1200. Faults cleared and let’s see what happens next. I discussed with the dealership the purchase of my own diagnostic unit to minimise visits to dealership to have warning lights turned off. Before it arrived the vehicle has displayed a variety of randoM faults including dash lights randomly going off, Cruise control difficult to engage, engine warning light coming and going. Seems to me that all these issues have occurred since I was given a false diagnosis of the original problem and that VW's solution is for me to continue to replace suspect items until they get it right. VGA accepts no responsibility. Now the dealer has offered a super
lowball price as a trade-in. As if I'll be buying another VW product. I’m extremely disappointed with this the third dealership I have used since purchasing the car, although I do have a good relationship with the service manager at this time. VGA have been uncooperative in all dealings I’ve had with them. Can you offer any suggestions to rectify these on going problems?

Answered by CarsGuide

29 Jun 2018 Graham Smith

You need someone you can trust to do the right thing and fix your car. If you’ve given up on the dealer, as it seems you have, go to an independent specialist VW mechanic.

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