New Ford Focus boot leaks water

Shortly after buying a new Ford Focus in mid-2011 we noticed panels were out of alignment and the front passenger door would not close properly. After two visits to the dealer this appears to have been fixed. Then recently with the rain the boot started to fill with water. When the car was returned after being repaired by the dealer we weren't happy with the quality of work done, the repairs looked like a bad bog job around the left rear hinge in the hatch. More rain and guess what, more water in the boot. If this time the car comes back and is not fixed and looking brand new what else can we do, whom else can we speak to, apart from the dealer? When can you demand a new car? What are our legal rights?

There are no 'lemon' laws as such in Australia, so there's no measure you can use to base a claim for a replacement car. The dealer appears to be attempting to fix your problems so you really have to persist with that course of action a little longer I would suggest. If you are still not happy write directly to Ford's customer assistance people and request a review of your case and an inspection of your car by a factory representative. That way you could express your dissatisfaction directly to the company and show them the problems with your car. If that doesn't resolve your issues enlist the help of the consumer affairs department of your state government.

Under the Australian Consumer Law introduced in January 2011, a consumer can request a refund or a replacement for persistent problems if the car doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to do.