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Mercedes-Benz electronics module

I am having a disagreement with a local Mercedes-Benz dealer over how an electronics module in my 2007 GL500 failed during a routine service. I am convinced they accidentally damaged it while cleaning battery terminal corrosion and allowed drops of acidic liquid to enter and destroy the module. While not being able to offer an explanation as to how the module was damaged, they disagree. The dealership is polite, but firm that they will not refund the $2600 (in addition to the $930 for the routine service) I had to pay them to get my car repaired. Is there a body that can help me resolve this?

Resolving an issue like this is always difficult, it's a case of he says, she says, but who is correct. The dealer says they didn't damage it, you say they did. From what I can determine neither you nor the dealer has any real proof one way of the other. You might try the consumer affairs people in your state, or engage a lawyer to argue your case, or best, contact Mercedes-Benz direct and put your case to them.