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Mazda MPV spluttering problem

Our 2004 Mazda MPV has an intermitting spluttering problem, and our Mazda dealer has not got a clue why or what is happening. We have had the PCV checked, the coils tested, the transmission serviced, all the spark plugs replaced, and an auto electrician has checked every lead. From the time you start the motor it will be missing like an irregular heartbeat and when you drive it, it takes a few seconds for the power to kick in, but then it won't do it again for a few weeks. Can you help?

Intermittent problems can be hard to diagnose, they never seem to happen when the mechanic is present to observe it. But when yours is misbehaving it continues to misbehave for some period of time. Next time take it straight to a mechanic and have them run their diagnostic equipment over it. It would be worth having the injectors cleaned, if they're partly blocked the engine can splutter and misfire, and have all of the engine sensors checked.

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