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Mazda discs warped

I purchased a used 2008 Mazda6 Luxury Sports last year with extended warranty that expires in 2013. I was getting vibration during braking and Mazda service advised that the front discs were warped and they needed to be machined, which was not covered under warranty. It's done 85,000 km and they commented that it was pretty impressive that they have done that many. The logbook shows front discs were previously warped and machined at 20,000 km under warranty at that time as well. Mazda customer support also advised me that parts like discs and brake pads are not covered under warranty. I can understand
the brake pads, but shouldn't the discs on the cars last more than the brake pads? I owned European cars and Mazdas before and none of them had their discs warped until they had done at least 200,000 km. Clearly there is a quality issue or maybe another underlying problem here. Is it normal that discs have warped twice in this mileage?

It's frustrating that discs should need replacing at such low kays, but it's not that unusual today. You got 65,000 km out of the second set of discs, which is par for the course. It is something I think carmakers should be looking at and developing new materials or whatever to extend the life of the brakes.