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Allan Reynolds-Rowe ASKED THE GUIDE

Is the Mahindra e2o coming to Australia?

While researching electric vehicles in the market as part of a uni course I found that the Indian car maker Mahindra builds an electric car called the e2o. It seems to be a well-developed, small, short-range, all-electric small car for about $US10,000. Do you think Mahindra will sell these here soon to kickstart a short-distance commuter segment? It has passed some European standards and once it’s released here, the safety features available would increase on demand. The EV market is not obviously not for everyone, and the trickle of available EVs are not budget priced. This EV could be popular as a cheap local commuter or second car, which I’m sure will be embraced by the conservationist in everyone.

There is zero chance of the e2o coming to Australia. The cost to certify it would be prohibitive, if it even complies with Australian Design Rules on safety. The government is doing zero to help car makers, which is why the excellent Nissan Leaf costs too much for anyone to give it a go.