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How much oil should a 2015 E400 use?

My 2015 Mercedes-Benz E400 coupe has burnt oil from day 1. Mercedes has run an oil consumption test and stated that all was okay with the car, but the oil light pops up between services – at least every 3000-4000 km needing litres at a time. My wife is scared to drive the car and it gives me no confidence at all. Where can I go? We have tried to escalate the problem with the dealer, but have been fobbed off.

If you aren't doing it already keep a record of the oil you put in, recording the date, the odometer, and the amount of oil added. That would give you some evidence to present to the dealer and MB. As you haven't had any satisfaction from the dealer go directly to Mercedes-Benz (Ph: 1300 730 200). There shouldn't be any reason to be scared on driving the car, all cars use oil, it's the amount of oil used that it the question that needs to be answered in your case. In the meantime check the oil level weekly.