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Honda Legend 2009: Replacement options

I love my 2009 Honda Legend but it now has 182,000 km on the clock. It has been serviced regularly, garaged and not been in any accidents. According to Red Book I wouldn’t get much for it now but I am wondering whether to keep it until it dies or, purchase something else with a budget of about $20,000. What are your suggestions? I like the Honda City.


Keeping a car for the long term is always risky because there’s no guarantee that it won’t breakdown some time on the future. But you say your Honda has been regularly serviced, garaged, and hasn’t been in a crash, so if you’re prepared to keep up with the service and take good care of it there’s no reason to get out of it. On top of that 182,000 km is not a lot by today’s standards, so there’s every reason to keep it going. If you do want to switch any of the top selling small hatches should fill the bill.