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Holden Cascada 2015: Blocked DPF

I have a Holden Cascada 2015. I have had trouble with the DPF being blocked and was advised to use higher RPM in lower gears to make the engine work at a higher temperature. I cannot find any information on what approximately is the RPM for each gear other than the unsafe revs (6.5+) for turbo-diesel engine. What is a good speed to travel in for what gear?

The DPF is supposed to automatically regenerate, but it sometimes won’t do that if the car doesn’t run at high enough speeds to generate the temperature required. That usually happens because the car is just being used for short trips and doesn’t regularly get a chance to run at higher speeds on highways or freeways. Running it at higher engine speeds in lower gears might be one way of getting the temperature up, and you could run it to 3000 rpm without any danger, but it doesn’t seem like a good way to fix the problem.