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Isuzu MU-X and D-Max: Cracked inner guard in engine bay

Have there been any reports of cracks appearing in the inner guard in the engine bay just forward of the compliance plate of the Isuzu MU-X?

I have seen some reports about the D-Max that seems to have the same complaint. I have an OEM bull bar and have upgraded the suspension to a 2-inch Old Man Emu lift. Our 2015 MU-X does the occasional off-roading and has done one big trip across the desert, but is mainly used on road as a passenger vehicle.

We haven’t had anything reported to us about cracking of the inner guard, but like you have seen reports of cracking on the D-Max. That suggests it could also affect the MUX.

Because of the modifications you have made, and the off-roading you have done, I doubt you would have any success if you were to make a claim against Isuzu for repairs.