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Ford Ranger 2012: How much is it?

I would like some help on a sale price on my 2012/13 Ford Ranger auto Wildtrak. It has a few mods, including ARB front bull bar, upgraded front and rear suspension, rear view camera for caravan, towbar, Anderson plug, 12-pin tow connection, ARB central locking canopy with two lockable full length slide out storage drawers, 3-inch exhaust system, engine remap, secondary fuel filter, oil catch can, high-flow washable air cleaner, complete new Ford engine at 44,000 km. It has done 94,000 km, and as I am a motor mechanic I service the car every 10,000 km with new fuel and oil filters, transmission fluid change at 60,000 km. The condition is good.

On average a 2012/13 Wildtrak is worth $27,000-$30,000 and would have 80,000-120,000 km on the clock. For that you would expect it to be in good condition and well serviced. Yours fits into that window, but of course has an extensive array of extras that would add to its appeal, and its value. I would suggest you add up the cost of each of those extras and add about 50 per cent of that value to your asking price.