Faulty Mitsubishi 380 Window Mechanism

Both rear electric window winders in my 2005 Mitsubishi 380 were replaced in 2007 under warranty. In October just gone the driver's side rear window winder again needed replacing. I spoke to Mitsubishi about some reimbursement of costs, but that came to nothing.

Now the passenger's side rear window winder has also failed. The rear seats in this car are not used often, so the failure cannot be put down to overuse. A Mitsubishi mechanic told me that the initial replacement in 2007 was undertaken because the mechanism was faulty, and another Mitsubishi mechanic recently told me that failed winders are a very common problem on the 380s, and that they replace hundreds of them. At about $250 a time it is very irritating. Do think I should pursue Mitsubishi for some recompense?

Failure of window winders isn't that unusual, it occurs across most makes. Your car is now eight years old, it's well beyond the warranty period and I doubt that you would get very far with a your claim against Mitsubishi. I wouldn't waste my time.