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Richard Clevers ASKED THE GUIDE

Cost of Mercedes-Benz parts

I'm a Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG enthusiast and believe parts at Mercedes dealers are ridiculously expensive. Researching parts suppliers in Australia, and knowing prices are negotiable, can achieve amazing discounts. For the rare part, eBay has very helpful suppliers in the US. I recently bought a fuel pump, priced here at $1400, from the US at $560 delivered to my address in eight days.

Mercedes-Benz spokesman David McCarthy replies: "In Australia we have an additional year of warranty and we cover labour as well if fitted in our workshop. America has 10 times the volume of Australia and bulk purchases are arranged, but if the part fails the customer would have to manage a claim with the US. Also, if purchased from eBay is it really genuine, or re-boxed, or was it from a obsolete sale?"