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Can I get a goodwill case on an out of warranty car?

I purchased my 2013 Jeep Patriot in 2015 as an ex demo. It was built in 2013, complied 2014, and registered in 2015 with 9000 km on the clock.

The car is now at 58,000 km and 10 months out of warranty. I have had to have a diagnostic report done on the gearbox. They found at my last service that there was a failure of the gearbox bearings. I have taken it in to have the gearbox removed to find the problem.

They have reported that I will need to spend $2500 to have this replaced. I find this very confusing with such low km. Have you had any other cases with this model you can tell me about? Also their customer service has been horrible, they have had my car for over seven days and finally I have some feed back.

They have suggested a goodwill case, but I have to say I'm not hopeful.

It’s not good that the gearbox bearings need replacing on such a new car, but Jeep appears to be handling it in a positive and helpful way. Despite your misgivings, I would recommend you go through with the exercise, and hopefully they will come good with their offer of a goodwill gesture.