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2004 Jaguar X Type rust on suspension and control arms

Rust was identified on the suspension and control arms of my 2004 Jaguar X Type during a roadworthy inspection, and the mechanic is saying that it all needs replacing. I sought second opinions from panel beaters who said the parts can be sandblasted and then resurfaced with a protective coating, but the RWC mechanic says that this won't suffice and the parts still need replacing. Pretty much everyone is saying that the mechanic is being overly zealous. I get that rust equals failure, but what are the guidelines as to the level of rust to determine whether a part needs replacing or can just be cleaned of it? All I received from the mechanic was a service record and not an actual failure notice. Can I go elsewhere after sorting out the rust issue?

If it's surface rust it should be acceptable to clean it off and apply a protective coating, and that's what I suspect it is. If it were structural rust that's a different matter, but it's unusual for suspension components to be affected this way. It would seem on the surface that the mechanic is being over zealous. Find an engineer acceptable to Queensland Transport to assess the rust for you and go from there.