Everybody’s doing it – making an SUV. It’s all because of you. Yes, you. 

Our tastes have changed, we’ve turned our backs on sedans, sports cars and hatchbacks. We want SUVs and the carmakers have had to adapt or risk their survival. Even Maserati. And at the start of 2017 the legendary Italian brand launched its first SUV in Australia – the Levante.

The problem is, it was diesel and it wasn’t received tremendously well. The sound wasn’t Maserati and it was… a diesel.

Now Maserati has launched the 2018 model Levante and while you can still get the diesel the star of the show is the Levante S which has a twin-turbo V6 made by Ferrari in its snout.

So, is this the Levante we’ve been waiting for?

I took a deep breath and tested it at its Australian launch to find out.