The wonderful thing about premium cars is that you really can spend as much as you feel like to make it feel like you’ve spent a lot.

The HSE version of the E-Pace really allows you to let your hair down and spend up big on your Jaguar, with the prices jumping by around $5000 over the SE range, or a whopping $10K over the genuinely quite well-specced S.

That means a base D150 (and why are you cheaping out on the engine when you’re willing to spend this much) is $65,590, the D240 go-fast diesel is $74,410 and the P300 petrol tops out at $77,493.

This is quite serious money for a small SUV, and on top of all the goodies you already got for an SE, the HSE spec adds very serious 20-inch five-spoke wheels, gesture control to your powered tailgate and keyless entry (how very high end).

Your leather is now of the perforated 'Windsor' style, and noticeably nicer it is too, and the front seats are now 18-way adjustable. Only your spec level gets the 12.3-inch 'Interactive Driver Display'.