The S-spec of the new E-Pace, with its enormous range of 38 variants, including five engine choices, is just one-rung up from the entry-level, which is basically no spec at all. It doesn’t even get a letter. 

The S range starts at $55,200 for the D150 diesel, almost $8K more than the entry-level, showroom-bait car, and rises through $57,600 for the D180 and $64,020 for the top-spec diesel D240. The two petrol models, P250 and P300 respectively, are $57,600 and $64,020.

Interestingly, Jaguar Australia predicts that $64K price point to be its biggest-volume area.

Across that vast choice, you can have a wheezing 110kW base diesel, a quite fun diesel with 183kW, or one in between the two. The petrol 2.0-litres - four cylinders, just like the diesels, offer either a handy 183kW or a Very Handy 221kW for the range-topping P300, which can dash from 0-100km/h in 6.4 seconds. That is the engine you’re looking for.

Above the standard equipment, S gets you larger wheels - up to 18-inch from 17s - auto dimming rear-vision and side mirrors, 10 way electric front seats with grained leather, 'Navigation Pro' and 'Connect Pro Pack', which offers a Wi-Fi Hot spot. Very modern.

And a 'Park Pack', with a 360-degree parking aid, 'Rear Traffic Monitor' and 'Park Assist'. Safety includes six airbags inside and one under the bonnet to protect pedestrians, Emergency Braking and the usual assortment of traction aids.