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Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020

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Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020

The 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado range of configurations is currently priced from $59,840.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV competes with similar models like the Volvo XC40, Mazda CX-8 and Ford Everest in the Under $60k category category.

Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Towing capacity

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has no towing capacity for the 2020 year the model was manufactured.

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Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Price and Specs

The Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 is currently available from $59,840 for the Landcruiser Prado GX up to $87,030 for the Landcruiser Prado Kakadu Flat Tailgate.

Pricing guides

Based on Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
Lowest Price
Highest Price
Toyota Landcruiser Prado Model Body Type Specs Price
GX SUV 2.8L Diesel 6 SP AUTO $59,840
GX 7 Seat SUV 2.8L Diesel 6 SP AUTO $62,390
GXL SUV 2.8L Diesel 6 SP AUTO $66,540
GXL Flat Tailgate SUV 2.8L Diesel 6 SP AUTO $66,540
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Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Why is the media screen on my 2015 Toyota LandCruiser Prado now in Japanese?

    Disconnecting the battery to change it means that power to the stereo system was lost for the duration of that procedure. It’s not uncommon to have to re-code the stereo to make it all work again, so that sounds like what you need to do. The code for the stereo will be a multi-digit number and is often recorded in the owner’s manual or the handbook for the stereo itself.

    The odd thing is that the codes are often stored in this manner, because ironically, the code system was originally used to combat stereo theft from parked cars. If the crooks couldn’t code the stereo to work after they’d pinched it, there was no point stealing it in the first place. Which kind of makes storing the code in the glovebox a bit of a joke. If you can’t find the code, a Toyota dealer should be able to take the vehicle’s VIN and tell you the code from that.

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  • How much is my 2011 Toyota Landcruiser Prado worth?

    Those are quite high kilometres for this model Prado, but all things considered, the price seems pretty reasonable. It will all depend on the overall condition of the vehicle, how it’s been used and how it’s been serviced. Make sure it hasn’t been battered to death underneath through off-road use and make sure the service handbook is up to date and not full of gaps where services have been skipped.

    While the vast majority of Prado sales were automatics, there’s a core of die-hard manual enthusiasts out there, so there will always be a demand for the vehicle you’re looking at. The other thing that affects resale value is the accessories attached to the vehicle. But beware a Prado bearing a winch, mud tyres, lifted suspension and side-rails; it’s probably spent a lot of time off road.

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  • Should we replace our Holden Commodore with a Subaru Outback?

    A car with a little extra ground clearance is great for camping as it often allows you to get a little farther away from the masses in their caravans who tend to huddle around the shower block at bush campsites.

    The Subaru Outback is a good, solid choice and if you can find an independent workshop to service it, you’ll avoid the cost of dealership prices. And you’re right, the all-wheel-drive would be great for gravel roads. Another vehicle to look at would be a late-model Ford territory diesel which is big and clever inside and has the option of all-wheel-drive. The diesel engine is a plus on the bush where that fuel is more readily available (in really remote areas) and gives you more range for big holidays in the mulga.

    Don’t rule out things like the Mitsubishi Pajero, either, which won’t be as around-town friendly, but is a proven quantity and is absolutely tremendous off-road. The same goes for a Toyota Prado or Nissan Pathfinder prior to the current model (which is a bit less hard-core adventure).

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  • Toyota LandCruiser Prado: What's the difference between the 2018 and 2019 GXL models?

    The short answer when it comes to differences between the two is "not much". The Prado (or 150-Series in Toyota-speak) has now been on sale in much the same form for more than a decade now. As such, it’s been refreshed and facelift no less than three times, making the ones you’re talking about the Series 4 version.

    The thing is, the last major refresh was carried out in late 2017, and since the car continued to dominate its market segment, Toyotas hasn’t really seen the need since to carry out any further refinements or make other changes to the specification of the GXL version.

    So, again, the short answer is that there’s very little to choose a 2019 model over a 2018 car. Both were quite wisely updated in the 2017 re-hash, with the GXL gaining pre-collision warning and autonomous braking, active cruise-control, lane-departure warning, LED lighting and a rear differential lock on automatic versions.

    The best way to pick which is which is to look at the build-plate in the engine bay as that will give you the definitive answer. Don’t necessarily take the seller’s word for the car’s year of build as the date of first registration is not the same as the build date. Since the trade uses the actual build date when it come to valuing a car, you should too. In fact, that’s the other difference between a 2018 and a 2019 Prado; the price.

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Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado currently offers fuel consumption from 7.9 to 7.9L/100km. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is available with the following fuel type: Diesel.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Model Body Type Specs Fuel Consumption
GX SUV 2.8L,Diesel,6 SP AUTO 7.9L/100km
GX 7 Seat SUV 2.8L,Diesel,6 SP AUTO 7.9L/100km
GXL SUV 2.8L,Diesel,6 SP AUTO 7.9L/100km
GXL Flat Tailgate SUV 2.8L,Diesel,6 SP AUTO 7.9L/100km
* Combined fuel consumption See All Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Pricing and Specs

Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Boot Space

The Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 SUV has a boot space size of 553 Litres.
Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Boot space Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2020 Boot space