BMW's 'B58' six-cylinder engine is what's known in the trade as 'a cracker'. Three litres and a turbo's worth of silky smooth power, it delivers big dollops of torque with the kind of immediacy once reserved for much larger units.

It's already a perfect match for the M140i hatch, as well as the M240i coupe and convertible. And once you hit on a winning formula, why not spread the joy into the ever-growing world of SUVs?

Enter the X3 M40i, the first performance variant in BMW's compact SUV range, sitting just under $100k (before on-road costs) and aiming up at a quality field of similarly sized and specified performance versions like the Audi Q3, Jaguar F-Pace, Merc-AMG GLC, Porsche Macan, and Volvo XC60.