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Ford looks to increase workforce

The Territory also gets a major boost next week when it stars at the Bangkok Motor Show

The new hirings are the first good news on the staffing front following Ford's $103 million cash injection in January to continue development of the local Falcon and Territory.

The Territory also gets a major boost next week when it stars at the Bangkok Motor Show to gauge the potential for sales across the Asian region.

The new engineers at Ford will not be permanent staff but, like many motor industry employees today, contractors who are hired for the duration of a specific project.

"We are in the process of recruiting for approximately 25 new engineers in our digital Innovation  - that's CAD, CAE etc - area," Ford spokesperson, Sinead Phipps, reveals to Carsguide.

"The new hires will primarily be contractors, as is largely prevalent in product development due to the cyclical nature of the workloads and industry."

The jobs include places for both exterior and interior designers, power train experts and chassis specialists.

Although Phipps is not specific about the appointments, an advertisement by Ford Australia stresses the focus at Broadmeadows on work for the Asia-Pacific region and the successful F6 pickup program that produced the latest Ford Range and Mazda BT-50 and will eventually lead to an SUV spinoff.

"We’re recruiting at the moment to support a number of projects the product development team is working on, including global vehicle development work, as well as our continued development of Falcon and Territory," Phipps says.

The display at Bangkok is the first time the Territory has been seriously touted outside Australia and it's being promoted as a 'premium SUV' for Asian customers. It is being displayed as a fully-loaded seven-seater powered by the latest 2.7-litre diesel engine.