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Top car news | Hoff's KITT, Commodore 4th, BMW M3 and M4, fines slammed, Mazda demo sale

The Hoff's KITT for sale

Based on a 1982 Pontiac Firebird, KITT was the car sidekick everybody wanted to roll with. And somebody will get a chance to do just that with the one owned by The Hoff.

Holden Commodore sales surge puts it in fourth position

The Holden Commodore has made a surprising recovery in the March sales race with a staggering 85 per cent sales increase compared with the same month the prior year -- narrowly missing a place on the podium as the nation's fourth most popular car. Preliminary figures show it was the Commodore's third-best monthly sales tally since the new VF model went on sale 10 months ago, as the Holden brand overall posted a 19 per cent sales surge.

BMW M3 and M4 | video

BMW shows off the coming M3 sedan and M4 convertible -- arriving in Australia in June -- with some action footage.

Mazda joins the demo derby, moving masses of 'dealer demonstrator' cars

The Mazda3 may be Australia's top-selling car so far this year according to official sales data -- but a special investigation by Carsguide has unearthed the industry secret that is driving its sales. A staggering one-third of Mazda3s sold in January and February were so-called “dealer demonstrator” models -- more than four times the industry average for “demo” vehicle sales, which is 7 per cent.

Road safety expert slams 'revenue raising' speed fines

A leading road safety expert has called for all revenue from speeding fines to go directly into building safer roads -- and warned the government's constant focus on speed is blinding us to other causes of car crashes. The national road toll fell to its lowest level in 89 years in 2013 but more than 200,000 people are expected to be injured on Australian roads between now and 2020. Injury rates are not falling as dramatically and are a bigger financial burden on the community because of the ongoing medical treatment.


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