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Not ready to go full electric? 2022 Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester and other hybrid family SUVs you can buy that won't give you range anxiety

Ford's new-generation Escape is now available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, allowing around 50km of electric range.

Whether it be because of a higher pricetag, lack of availability, longer charging times or a limited range, jumping onto the electric car bandwagon in 2022 might not be suitable for everyone.

And that’s why there are hybrid options available, which combine a petrol engine and electric motors to keep fuel consumption down, available across various family-sized SUV makes and models.

The newest entrant in the mainstream electrified mid-size SUV segment is the Ford Escape PHEV, now on sale after a number of delays, and competes against the likes of the hot-selling Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

But these aren’t the only two options available to buyers, with more and more brands and models being introduced semi-regularly.

Here is the list of electrified family SUVs available in Australia.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid from $36,900 BOCs

Undoubtedly the SUV to beat in the electrified space, Toyota sold a whopping 35,751 RAV4s in 2021 with 72.3 per cent of buyers opting for the hybrid powertrain.

This means 25,850 examples of the RAV4 Hybrid were sold last year, making it the most popular SUV in Australia – despite the increased cost added for the more complex powertrain – with fuel consumption pegged between 4.7-4.8 litres per 100km.

Toyota’s system pairs a petrol engine with one or two electric motors and doesn’t require any charging or change in useable behaviour from drivers, making the RAV4 Hybrid likely the most seamless for those looking to make the step towards electrification.

Prices for the RAV4 Hybrid kick off at $36,900 before on-road costs, but wait times for the cutting-edge engine have now blown out to 12-plus months, so maybe look elsewhere if you need a new car sooner rather than later.

Ford Escape PHEV from $53,440 BOCs

Ford’s Escape plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is the latest mid-size SUV to land, and differs from the popular Toyota by enabling a short tailpipe emissions-free driving range.

With a 14.4kWh battery, the Escape PHEV can travel around 50km with a full charge, but has the fallback of a 2.5-litre petrol engine to keep things going if a plug isn’t readily available.

And when a plug is available, maximum charging rates on a 10-amp plug at home is 2.3kW, which bumps up to 3.7kW on public charging infrastructure.

Combined fuel consumption averages 1.5L/100km, making it much more frugal at the bowser than the RAV4, but prices start from $53,440, rising to $54,440 for customers after July 1.

MG HS Plus EV from $46,990 driveaway

The cheapest plug-in hybrid in Australia, the MG HS Plus EV can be had for as little as $48,990 on the road and features enough space for the average-sized family and their gear.

And just because the price is more affordable, doesn’t mean the MG HS is missing any key tech or safety either, and with a 16.5kWh battery equipped, serves up 52km of pure electric driving range.

Paired with a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine, the MG HS PHEV will return a fuel consumption figure of just 1.7L/100km and has competitive warranty of seven years/unlimited kilometres.

Keep in mind though, the HS Plus EV only sports at-home recharging capabilities, meaning it will take around seven hours to fully charge using a household socket.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV pricing TBC

As one of the pioneers in the electrified mid-size SUV space, Mitsubishi was first to bring out a plug-in version of its Outlander to Australia way back in 2014.

This year will see the launch of the next-generation version, which sports a larger 20kWh battery enabling a driving range of up to 87km – easily outlasting the MG HS Plus EV and Ford Escape PHEV.

While fuel consumption figures are yet to be revealed, the Outlander’s electric motor is paired to a 2.4-litre petrol engine, delivering a combined output of 157kW/332Nm.

Crucially though, pricing for the new-gen Outlander PHEV is yet to be revealed, with its launched earmarked for the third quarter of the year.

For reference, the outgoing range starts at $47,990 before on-road costs and extends to $56,490.

GWM Haval H6 Hybrid from $45,990 driveaway

Despite a recent price increase of $1000, the GWM Haval H6 Hybrid still offers plenty of bang for buck.

Sure, it might not be as affordable as some grades of the electrified RAV4 and Forester, but the H6 Hybrid certainly offers more equipment with highlights including 19-inch wheels, a 12.3-inch multimedia touchscreen, head-up display and a powered tailgate.

Thanks to a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine and electric motor combo, the H6 Hybrid punches out a sizeable 179kW/530Nm, whilst also returning a 5.2L/100km fuel consumption figure.

However, the best part might be actual availability of the H6 Hybrid, with stock ready to go from dealers around the country.

Peugeot 3008 GT Sport PHEV from $79,990 BOCs

Peugeot might be later to the electrified SUV game than others, having introduced its 3008 PHEV earlier this year, but it has shot straight to the top of the table in terms of price.

Positioned from $79,990 before on-road costs, the 3008 GT Sport PHEV, the electrified mid-size SUV might cost just as much as an all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Kia EV6, but has the benefit of a 1.6-litre petrol engine to keep things going when the juice runs dry.

With a 13.2kWh battery in tow, this allows the stylish European SUV to travel up to 60km on a full charge, and returns a miserly fuel consumption figure of just 1.6L/100km.

Subaru Forester Hybrid from $41,390 BOCs

Though Subaru’s Forester Hybrid might be the thirstiest electrified mid-size SUV on this list, returning an average of 6.7L/100km, it features the brand’s tried-and-true all-wheel-drive system.

It is also priced from a relatively affordable $41,390 before on-road costs, making it cheaper than some higher-specced, petrol-powered Foresters like the Sport and S.

Stock supply however, is low, with Subaru Australia working to secure more supply of hybrid versions of the Forester and smaller XV to satisfy growing demand.