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2006 the year of car recalls

A CarsGuide investigation of ACCC and manufacturer recall records revealed significant national recalls made by Holden, Honda, Jaguar, Chrysler, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi, Ford, Nissan and Subaru.

The most recent high profile recall was last Friday when Holden recalled almost every new Commodore VE model sold since it went on sale in July.

The 13,000 Commodores, Statesmans and Caprices were recalled due to faults with the rear safety buckles.

With 23 recalls in nine years, the Commodore is Australia's most-recalled car

Chrysler and Honda had the most recalls to fix problems in 2006, ranging from oil leaks to potential fires and loss of steering.

Cars recalled:


* 2006 Civic Hybrid and Civic Sports, faulty electronics controlling the power steering.

* 2001-2003 Odyssey, short circuit in rear wiper motor in extreme cold conditions with a potential fire hazard.

* 1995-1996 Odyssey, ignition switch problems can cause engine to stall.

* 2001 Civic four- and five-door plus 2002 CR-V and Integra automatics, fault in the ignition switch interlock causing the vehicle to move without warning when parked.


* 2006 Jeep Wrangler, potential clutch pedal problems.

* 2002-2006 Jeep Cherokee, corrosion of ball joints in front suspension with potential loss of steering.

* 2003-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, overheating of front seat heaters with potential fire hazard.

* 2006 PT Cruiser and 300C, software fault with instrument panel warning lights.


* 2006 Commodore, Statesman and Caprice, fault with rear seat belt buckle.


* 1997-1999 Explorer, leaking brake fluid with potential fire hazard.


* D40 Navara (no dates given), potential brake pipe wear caused by rubbing with incorrectly fitted bracket.


* 2006 Ralliart Turbo Colt, wrong compliance plate saying the car can carry five when it only has seat belts for four occupants.


* GTV and Spider (no dates given), short circuit of electrical wiring in switch controlling the door mirrors with potential of fire in the switch.


* Master II (no dates given), possible cracking of handbrake lever with a danger the handbrake may be released.


* 2005-2007 Liberty, Outback and Liberty GT automatics fitted with a tow bar, possible oil leaks from split oil cooler hoses.


* X-Type (no dates given) 2.1-litre versions, wrong tyre placard showing incorrect tyre size.

* Car companies have written to all known owners who have been asked to contact their nearest dealer. For further details check the Federal Government recall website.