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2018 Nissan Navara
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2018 Nissan Navara Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Nissan Navara 2018 prices range from $24,490 for the basic trim level Ute Navara RX (4X2) to $59,990 for the top of the range Ute Navara ST (4X4).

The Nissan Navara 2018 is available in Diesel. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Ute 2.3L 6 SP Manual to the Ute 2.3L 7 SP Automatic.

When we reviewed the ‘price and features’ of the Navara 2018, Andrew Chesterton gave it a rating of 8 out of 10. Find out more in the full review here.

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Nissan Navara Models SPECS PRICE
DX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $21,300 – 28,930
N-Sport Black Edition 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $40,200 – 51,480
N-Sport Black Edition 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $36,200 – 46,860
RX (4X2) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $25,100 – 33,330
RX (4X2) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $17,300 – 24,090
RX (4X2) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $15,800 – 22,000
RX (4X2) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $18,600 – 25,850
RX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $23,700 – 32,120
RX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $29,700 – 38,830
RX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $26,600 – 35,200
RX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $21,100 – 28,710
RX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $23,700 – 32,120
RX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $18,200 – 25,410
RX (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $26,200 – 34,760
SL (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $32,100 – 42,020
SL (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $30,300 – 39,710
SL (4X4) Silverline Edition 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $32,100 – 42,020
SL (4X4) Silverline Edition 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $28,600 – 37,840
ST (4X2) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $30,200 – 39,490
ST (4X2) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $26,400 – 34,980
ST (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $32,100 – 42,020
ST (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $32,600 – 42,680
ST (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $28,600 – 37,840
ST (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $32,600 – 42,680
ST (4X4) Black Edition 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $34,700 – 44,880
ST (4X4) Black Edition 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $32,600 – 42,680
ST N-Sport (special Edition) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $35,300 – 45,650
ST N-Sport (special Edition) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $33,100 – 43,340
ST-X (4X2) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $34,000 – 44,000
ST-X (4X2) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $29,900 – 39,160
ST-X (4X2) (leather Trim) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $35,000 – 45,320
ST-X (4X2) (leather Trim) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $30,900 – 40,480
ST-X (4X2) (sunroof) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $32,300 – 42,240
ST-X (4X2) (sunroof) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $30,600 – 40,040
ST-X (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $32,700 – 42,790
ST-X (4X4) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $36,200 – 46,860
ST-X (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $34,900 – 45,210
ST-X (4X4) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $36,300 – 46,970
ST-X (4X4) (leather Trim) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $34,000 – 44,000
ST-X (4X4) (leather Trim) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $37,200 – 48,180
ST-X (4X4) (leather Trim) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $35,500 – 45,980
ST-X (4X4) (lt+sr) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $36,000 – 46,530
ST-X (4X4) (lt+sr) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $36,200 – 46,860
ST-X (4X4) (sunroof) 2.3LDiesel7 speed automatic $36,900 – 47,740
ST-X (4X4) (sunroof) 2.3LDiesel6 speed manual $35,200 – 45,540

Nissan Navara 2018 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan Navara 2018 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Why do manufacturers put indicator lights 'inside' the headlamp cluster?

    The ADR requires carmakers to have a side indicator so there is always a visible turn signal light, so you should be able to see that even if you can’t see the front light.

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  • Can a 2018 Nissan Navara tow a 2740kg caravan?

    The Navara will tow up to 3.5 tonnes, but you need to be mindful of the GCM limit that is 5910 kg. That means that if the ute is loaded to its GVM of 2910 kg you can only to 3 tonnes. It would tow your caravan, but would be overloaded if the ute was fully loaded to its GVM at the same time.

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  • What can I do if the steering wheel and gear knob are peeling in my 2018 Nissan Navara?

    This is a more common problem than you might imagine and applies to a lot of cars besides Nissan Navaras. It’s not always caused by people with constantly wet hands or those who work with chemicals, either; a lot of pampered vehicles have seen this type of problem.

    As well as being pretty ordinary to look at day after day, this sort of damage also devalues a car when you go to sell it. The warranty on your Navara would have been for the first three years (Nissan shifted to a five-year warranty mid-2019) but because it was a demonstrator, the warranty period would have started from the date it was first registered or reported as sold, not the day you bought it.

    Most new-car warranties also state that `normal wear and tear’ is not covered, but there’s an argument that normal wear and tear shouldn’t be visible on a steering wheel after just four years and 60,000km of use.

    If it really bothers you, there are motor trimmers who can stitch on a new leather covering which I would expect to last a lot longer than four years. You would, of course, have to remove the wheel from the car which requires somebody who knows their air-bag safety drills and procedures.

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