Did you know the Prius has been around for over 20 years now?

When the first-gen version was released in 1997 it was a trailblazer, living up to its ‘Prius’ name (Prius in Latin means ‘ahead of’ or ‘to go before’). It was famously the world’s first mass-market hybrid.

Fast-forward two decades and here we are, with the fourth-generation car. The Prius now sells more than twice as many cars per year as the first-generation Prius sold altogether in its four-year run, and it’s still no stranger to innovation, being the first car to launch on Toyota’s new TNGA architecture.

Despite that, I think the Prius’ days are numbered. 

It faces fresh new competition from the era of fully-electric vehicles, and its awkward arrival timing in 2016 means there is now a new generation of Toyotas with the technology and philosophy of the Prius built-in

Ironically, I think there may not be a place for the Prius in the world it helped create. Read on, and I’ll explain.