Remember when any review of a new hybrid car almost always included at least a couple of bad jokes about patchouli-scented owners, or how they came equipped with one-handed steering wheels so the driver could use the other one to pat themselves on the back?

That was because, in the earliest days of the technology, hybrid cars were almost aways unforgivably ugly, and it felt like you were rabbit-punching yourself in your driving soul every time you climbed behind the wheel of one. 

And so the only people who ever really bought them were those willing to look past all those drawbacks and instead focus on the green-cred having one parked on their driveway would deliver.

But there will be no such jokes today. Because Hyundai’s new Ioniq hybrid isn’t any of those things.

It’s rather handsome, in fact. And it’s plenty zippy, too. Most important, though, if it wasn’t for the occasional rumble of the petrol engine taking over duties from the electric motor, it’s very possible to forget you’re driving a hybrid at all.