The 1990s brought us many, many good things. Nirvana, trip-hop, some fine British comedy, Madonna's more entertaining flights of fancy... You'll notice there aren't many cars in this list. 

But if you throw around cars from the period with "normal" people (not car journalists, who revel in naming obscure weirdness), it's entirely likely the Suzuki Vitara will come up. It will probably be associated with a smirk, because it became synonymous with a certain demographic and was unkindly - and unfairly, on some occasions - pilloried as a result.

It went away for a while, leaving the Grand Vitara to fly the V flag and allowed everyone else to catch up. Then, in 2015 the Vitara returned as a lighter, fitter compact SUV with a sharp new look and a long-anticipated return to the segment Suzuki that practically invented.