Every now and then an automotive design team gets one past the keeper. Responding to the brief for a concept car to preview a new direction for the brand, the Mac magicians and stylus twirlers whip up a show-stopping vehicle they'd like to see on the showroom floor, but in their heart-of-hearts know is a long shot for production.

Then, to everyone's surprise, it gets the tick of approval from management without so much as a tweak to the indicator stalk required. And that's exactly the feat Land Rover's design director, Gerry McGovern managed to pull off with the Range Rover Evoque.

The one-off LRX, a genuine concept car, displayed under the hot lights of the 2008 Detroit motor show, became the Evoque in 2011, a stunning, compact SUV that set the tone for a generation of Land Rover and Range Rover models to follow.

Offered globally as a three door 'Coupe' (not currently in Australia), five-door wagon, and full convertible, the Evoque has proved to be as flexible as it is head-turning.