Arguments about whether a Boxster is a real Porsche, just because it's not a 911, are boring. It's like saying a 737 jet isn't a proper Boeing because it's not a 747. Besides, haven't we moved past that? 

It's way more interesting to talk about what the top-of-the-line, fourth-generation 718 Boxster GTS is like to drive and live with, especially given this current model (released in May, 2017) left the previous version's beautiful, naturally aspirated flat six behind for a twin-turbo four (also horizontally opposed).

You'll pay a premium for the honour of wearing the GTS badge. So, is it worth it, what styling and performance differences are there? And what's that noise? No, I'm not talking about the engine.

You'll know a whole lot more about the Boxster GTS after reading this review.