It always seemed weird that Jeep had never offered an official Trailhawk-stamped version of its Grand Cherokee SUV.

This is, after all, a brand built on the dream of pummelling the landscape into cowering submission each and every weekend, climbing unclimbable mountains and crossing uncrossable rivers, and yet there was never an off-road-maximised version of its best-selling model available straight out of the factory.

The smaller Cherokee had a Trailhawk version. So did the bite-sized Renegade. And yet, the biggest and most-capable Jeep (outside of the built-for-purpose Wrangler) missed out. Weird, right?

But no longer. Launched as part of the Grand Cherokee’s mid-2017 update, the  Trailhawk model arrives with most of the off-road stuff applied straight from the factory, and is designed to appeal to those with campfire soot running through their veins.

But what about the rest of us? Do the changes make this new version less liveable on normal suburban streets? We spent a week in one to find out.