Calm reserve. Understated civility. Self-effacing deference. Admirable, classically British traits, usually typified by the automotive standard bearer for 'grace, space and pace' – Jaguar.

But recently, the leaping cat has been dialling up its wild side, with a series of limited 'Collector's Edition' models, including the dramatic, F-Type-based Project 7, and a just-released XE sedan evolution, the (441kW!) Project 8.

In fact, the whole thing was formalised in 2015 with the creation of Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), now run out of a weapons-grade skunkworks near Coventry, in the heart of the British Midlands.

Forget restricted production, SVO's 'SVR' badged hot rods are now integrated into the broader Jaguar landscape, with the powerhouse F-Type SVR Coupe and Convertible arriving last year.

The updated '2018 Model Year' F-Type brings a range of aesthetic, technical, and equipment upgrades, and a fast blast in the SVR Coupe seemed like a jolly good way to get to grips with them. Chocks away, Algie!