This is the Hyundai i30 N like you've never seen it - because this is the new Fastback version.

It takes everything we knew about the i30 N and reshells it in a bigger, more sedan-like package. As the name suggests, it's more 'fast-back...y' than the regular hatch... And according to the brand, also a bit more premium and mature.

Hyundai calls it a five-door coupe, which is similar to what the luxury brands label their models with similar body styles. That's not a coincidence - the company told us the Merc CLA and Audi S3 were what it looked at when figuring where this model should be targeted.

And if you're wondering, the official name for this hatchback that isn't a hatchback? It's the i30 Fastback N, not the i30 N Fastback. Weird.

The name is one thing, but the look? Well... let's check it out.