Europe might be overrun with sexy supercars, while America can rightly lay claim to ozone-piercing muscle cars the size of small islands, but nobody - nobody - does a go-fast ute quite like Australia. 

Or should that be did? With Ford all packed up and Holden soon to follow, the Aussie car is more than just an endangered species, it's officially extinct.

But we can dry our eyes for the moment, though, because Holden's Commodore-based SS Ute is one hell of a going away party. Thumping V8 engine? Check. Manual transmission? Check. Rear-wheel drive? Check. The ability to send up smoke signals with a mere prod of the accelerator? Definitely check.

It's bristling Australian muscle at its absolute finest. And it's the very last of its kind. But there's still time for one last spin around the block.