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Holden Calais SIDI 2010 review

The Holden Calais SIDI wagon is a good looking, purpose-built wagon.

In the rush to high-riding soft-roaders, many families have largely ignored a more practical route - wagons.  Heavy off-roaders have taken over the roll as the family bus but in reality a conventional sedan-based wagon will fulfil most duties, unless you absolutely need a seven-seater.

For many, a car like the five-seater Holden Commodore Sportwagon will fulfil most duties.  It's a good looking, purpose-built wagon with a roomy, comfortable cabin and a five-star crash safety rating.

The Calais V Sportwagon adds a little more bling but serves a similar purpose. The integrated DVD system in the roof is a bonus for keeping the kids quiet and the rear-view camera is a welcome addition to the parking sensors.


2010 Holden Calais

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Under the bonnet the biggest new arrival with the latest Commodores is SIDI - or Spark Ignition Direct Injection - which improves fuel economy and the overall smoothness of the V6.

Unlike the previous raucous six, the SIDI engine also sounds quieter. The refined engine is now at a point of its development that it has become a world-class unit.  The economy from the big locally built six is also impressive. We managed in 12s around town with the promise of better highway economy.


The changes from the six-speed auto also feel smoother than we remember.  The only mark against the Commodore is the cabin. It has been around since 2006 and is due for a freshen this year.

We're use to the thick A-pillars and the guillotine handbrake action but the Calais interior and dashboard is looking tired, particularly when you line it up against Ford's effort with the Falcon G6E.  The wagon's swoopy rear also eats into luggage space but there is no denying it is a handsome vehicle, particularly the Calais V version with its stylish 18-inch alloys.

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(base) 3.6L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO $6,990 – 14,999 2010 Holden Calais 2010 (base) Pricing and Specs
V 6.0L, PULP, 6 SP AUTO $6,990 – 20,499 2010 Holden Calais 2010 V Pricing and Specs
V 60th Anniversary 6.0L, PULP, 6 SP AUTO $12,700 – 18,370 2010 Holden Calais 2010 V 60th Anniversary Pricing and Specs
V Redline Edition 6.0L, PULP, 6 SP AUTO $12,800 – 18,480 2010 Holden Calais 2010 V Redline Edition Pricing and Specs
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