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Whincup Billabong ad

The ad campaign is for Von Zipper, a Billabong brand.

...reigning V8 Supercar champion Jamie Whincup has stepped on to another hot Holden.

In a recent advertising campaign photo shoot, Whincup is seen sporting a crown and cape, while standing on a smouldering old Commodore wreck. It is perhaps a tongue-in-cheek reference to Team Vodafone's recent controversial announcement that drivers Whincup and Craig Lowndes will switch from Falcon to Commodore next year.

The ad campaign is for Von Zipper, a Billabong brand. It is the first time the Australian surfing company has chosen a non-surfer to be an ambassador for the iconic brand.

"The photos are on my website and I have to say modelling is not my future career," says Whincup. However, his female fans would have to disagree judging by their comments on his website.

They are not the only ones admiring the talents of the 26-year-old triple-Bathurst winner. He also has been voted as the best driver so far in 2009 by his peers in the annual AutoAction V8 Supercar Drivers Poll.

Sixteen or 55 per cent of of drivers rated his achievements as field-leading. He was also the most respected driver (24 per cent) and the driver most likely to win this year's championship (79 per cent and 23 nominations).

"It's fantastic to be rated by your main rivals because from the outside, many people say I go all right, but your actual rivals take into consideration the car you're driving as well," he told AutoAction.

"Although I feel like I'm driving well, at the same time I've got the best car out there, too. "My main rivals understand that and are taking that into account. What can I say? I can only say that it's a great honour."