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Want to buy a new Hyundai right now? Only TWO models have a wait time of less than three months

Buyers will to wait less than three months to get into a brand-new Hyundai Tucson diesel.

Nearly every single one of Hyundai Australia’s models have a wait time exceeding three months, according to information passed onto local dealers and obtained by CarsGuide.

But buyers not wanting to wait have only two options for a brand-new Hyundai, either a Tucson diesel or a Staria that both have a sub-three-month delivery window for new orders.

Contrasting this is the i20 N and i30 N, which buyers will need to wait over 12 months before taking delivery. Hyundai revealed in May that it is holding 750 orders of the former and 890 orders of the latter.

The next longest wait is for the Kona electric, with a more than eight-month wait time, followed by the Kona N that has a more than seven-month wait.

The Tucson petrol and Sonata meanwhile, have a wait time of over six months, while the i30 Sedan has a wait time of more than five months.

As for the Kona, Santa Fe and Palisade, customers will need to wait more than four months for delivery.

That leaves the i30 hatchback, i30 Sedan N and Venue with times of over three months.

The Ioniq 5 wait times are not listed, but Hyundai Australia is severely limited by supply for its halo all-electric model.

However, specific wait times for specific models will vary from dealer to dealer, and the above information is meant to be used as an indicative guide.

Hyundai Australia also revealed that it expects supply constraints to ease in the second half of the year, and that wait times will be updated to reflect any changes.

Hyundai Australia indicative wait times for new orders

ModelWait time
Tucson dieselLess than three months
StariaLess than three months
i30 hatchbackMore than three months
i30 Sedan NMore than three months
VenueMore than three months
KonaMore than four months
Santa FeMore than four months
PalisadeMore than four months
i30 SedanMore than five months
Tucson petrolMore than six months
SonataMore than six months
Kona NMore than seven months
Kona ElectricMore than eight months
i20 NMore than 12 months
i30 NMore than 12 months