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Volkswagen Polo and Mitsubishi Triton recalled

Volkswagen issues recall for potentially explosive airbag, while Mitsubishi rectifies defective side-steps.

Volkswagen Australia has issued a recall notice relating to airbags for select Volkswagen Polos, while Mitsubishi Australia has issued a recall relating to sidesteps for 2016 dual cab Tritons.

Volkswagen’s recall affects only Mk5-series Polos sold between 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2015 in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, for a total of 1656 vehicles.

VW says the high temperature and humidity in these states causes the front driver’s side airbag propellant to degrade. In the event of an accident, the metal inflator housing “may explode/rupture under too much internal pressure” causing metal fragments to be expelled along with the airbag.

The fault is potentially fatal. The list of affected vehicles’ VINs can be located here. If you are unsure whether your vehicle is affected, you can check it at this link.

The potentially-fatal defective airbag should only affect Polos sold in the northern or western parts of Australia. The potentially-fatal defective airbag should only affect Polos sold in the northern or western parts of Australia.

Mk5 Polos in other states should not be affected, but it is worth checking in case your vehicle has changed states in the past.

Volkswagen will be contacting owners. Owners can also use Volkswagen’s recall campaign hotline or contact a VW dealer to organise an airbag replacement free of charge.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi has issued a recall for the MY16 dual-cab Triton utes.

The recall affects only vehicles fitted with pipe type side steps, for a total of 13,876 vehicles.

Mitsubishi says that the rivets for the side-step cover may corrode and fracture, especially if they have been exposed to salt or anti-freeze agent.

The side-step covers may drop-off the vehicle “creating a hazard for other road users” as well as making the step “difficult for vehicle occupants to use”.

Mitsubishi will be contacting owners and advising them to contact their dealer to have the issue repaired. The replacement is free and can be performed at any dealer, regardless of where the vehicle was purchased.

Have you had success replacing a recalled part in the past? Tell us what you think in the comments below.