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NSW bans registration of vehicles with Alpha-type Takata airbags

Vehicles in NSW still fitted with potentially deadly Alpha-type Takata airbags can now have their registration suspended.

The NSW government has made changes to its Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 to give authorities the power to suspend the registration of vehicles still fitted with Alpha-type Takata airbags.

As a result, these vehicles will not have their registration renewed until their potentially deadly airbags have been replaced free-of-charge. This means they also cannot be sold or transferred to another owner.

A NSW Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said: “The safety of all motorists, passengers and pedestrians is the number-one priority for Roads and Maritime Services.

“Airbags are an essential safety component of a vehicle, like seat belts. If an airbag deploys, it is because the crash is serious enough to cause major injuries or death. Airbags need to work and be safe to use.

“Roads and Maritime is continuing to work with manufacturers and the ACCC to get all faulty Takata airbags off NSW roads.”

Victoria is now the only Australian state or territory to not make a similar move, although VicRoads said last year it is considering its options.

All of these developments come in support of the ACCC’s ongoing mandatory recall that, on December 31, 2018, still required 1,012,943 Alpha- and Beta-type Takata airbags to be replaced through manufacturers’ dealer networks.

At that time, 1661 and 1275 Alpha-type Takata airbags required action in NSW and Victoria respectively.

Takata airbags have resulted in 24 deaths and more than 300 injuries being reported globally, including one of each in Australia two years ago.

Vehicle owners looking for more information on the compulsory recall can text the word “Takata” to 0487 AIRBAG (0487 247 224) or visit the website.

Should all Australian state and territory governments ban the registration of vehicles still fitted with either type of Takata airbag? Tell us what you think in the comments below.