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Looking for fun in the sun

V8 Supercars has done a deal to race at the new circuit in Austin, Texas.

This will be our third year in North Queensland which was a previously an untapped market for V8 Supercars.

It's a great street circuit designed by Mark Skaife with plenty in it for the drivers and the fans. You might say a street circuit is only as good as the streets available, but Skaifey has put them to good use with a combination of tight hairpins, fast flowing corners and a kink in the main straight.

They've also chosen a good area a few blocks away from the CBD to minimise disruption and there are some high earth mounds to give the fans plenty of viewing over the wire barriers, plus like all street circuits there is a host of external activities and concerts to keep everyone entertained.

This year I'm going to Townsville on a bit of a roll. We have great consistency and momentum and I'm looking forward to turning my Townsville record around. We are currently the second-best qualifier behind my teammate Jamie Whincup and if we can maintain a good starting position we have a good shot at a podium.

The race format is two 200km races with one set of soft tyres in each race with two pit stops per race. The track will be colder than Darwin so the soft tyres should last a little longer, but there is a series of long right handers which will kill the left rear tyre. There are two clear strategies: start on soft tyres or finish on soft tyres.

However, on street circuits there are usually a lot of safety cars which can undo the advantage you may get from starting on soft tyres, so I think the majority will try to finish on them. It's a lottery, really. It's also a great chance for some teams to snatch a win out of nowhere with a bit of luck.

I have always been a bit critical of V8 Supercars expanding overseas into time zones that make it difficult for Aussie fans to tune in to the TV coverage. But now that V8 Supercars has done a deal to race at the new circuit in Austin, Texas, there is no point whining about it. We simply have to make it work.

We will race on the Saturday and Sunday which means Australian TV coverage on Sunday morning, which is ok, and Monday morning, which is a bit of a problem. It may have been better to race Friday and Saturday, but we also have to appease the massive US TV coverage.

As a driver, I think it's great to go to new countries and drive on new circuits. It's also a great opportunity to expand V8 recognition globally. America is a tough market to crack and getting a five-year deal is unbelievable. There will be a fair amount of pressure on both sides to make this work and I will put all my energies into helping, rather than hindering that process.

Speaking of racing overseas, I still haven't heard whether I have qualified to race in any of the world endurance events. However, I'm grateful to have the full support of Audi Australia boss Uwe Hagen who wants us to return to the Bathurst 12-hour race next year.

My ultimate goal is to race at Le Mans, Daytona and Nurburgring.