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Top 5 car videos of 2017

Small SUVs, luxury saloons, budget hatchbacks and more small SUVs make up our most popular videos.

2017 was another big reflection of the changing media landscape, with our video traffic growing exponentially yet again.

Without a single cat video or any unboxing, the CarsGuide YouTube channel's viewable minutes tripled 2016's tally to a total of 24 million. To replicate this yourself, you'd have to sit down and watch our YouTube channel non-stop for 45 and a half years straight!

You clearly want to see more, too, with our subscriber tally doubling to just under 30,000. Thank you.

5. Subaru XV 2017 review: first drive

One of the most anticipated new small SUVs of 2017 was the second-generation Subaru XV, and Tim Robson's first drive video from its international launch in Japan has been the fifth most popular video of 2017.

Seen 170,000 times on YouTube since April, it's beating Richard Berry's video from the Australian launch in June by more than 100,000 views.

You can read Richard's full story here, or anything else we've published about the XV on its index page.

4. Jeep Compass 2017 review: first drive

Jeep has finally given us a new Compass after more than a decade, and the hype behind the new model has propelled Peter Anderson's first drive video of the new model from its international launch to the fourth most popular video we've published this year.

Racking up 178,000 views on YouTube to date, it's another reflection of the booming popularity of small SUVs with a bit of personality.

The Compass has finally hit Australian showrooms this month, with surprisingly competitive pricing, and you can read Peter's full review here.

You should also check out Peter's video interview with Compass chief engineer Audrey Moore, and you'll find anything else Compass related on our index page.

3. Kia Rio 2017 review: first drive

From small SUV, to luxury saloon, to budget Kia hatchback, Andrew Chesterton's Kia Rio first drive video took out the number three spot in our tally of the most popular videos of 2017.

With more than 277,000 views on YouTube so far, Australia was clearly pretty excited about the arrival of the new Rio.

If you're looking for more detail, you can read Chesto's full story, plus you'll find all things Kia Rio on our index page.

2. Genesis G70 2018 review: first drive

Andrew Chesterton's first drive video of the new Genesis G70 defied all odds for a new model name when we published it in September. With more than 277,000 views to date on YouTube, only the car enthusiasts among us would have known that a G70 was in the works when he was among the first journalists in the world to drive Genesis' new 3 Series rival in Korea.

Perhaps it was Chesto's azure blue eyes, but we put it down to being one of the very first to publish a video review of the G70 anywhere in the world.

If you haven't already, have a read of how close Genesis has come to its BMW, Mercedes and Audi rivals on its first go, and you can catch up on all things G70 via its index page.

1. Toyota C-HR Koba 2WD 2017 review: road test

Launch videos continue to be our most popular video product by a country mile, but Richard Berry's road test of the Toyota CH-R Koba took out top overall honours with more than 386,000 views on YouTube to date. We're not sure if it's a result of pent up anticipation for Toyota's first small SUV or Richard's penchant for role playing, but it's probably a healthy dose of both.

Do yourself a favour and have a watch, then let us know in the comments. You can also read Richard's full review here, or check out all of our CH-R coverage on our index page.

Which was your favourite CarsGuide video in 2017? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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