Toyota Yaris Problems

No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Toyota Yaris reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Toyota Australia pushes on with Takata airbag recall

Toyota Australia pushes on with Takata airbag recall

23 Apr 2018 · by Spencer Leech

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) has said that approximately 71.7 per cent of its vehicles caught up in the Takata airbag recall had already been rectified.

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What's a safe first car?

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Aug 2017

I wouldn't recommend the Polo, it requires the more expensive Premium unleaded, it's got the dual-clutch auto, which can be troublesome, and it will be more expensive to service. The Mazda 2 or the Toyota Yaris are better choices.

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Safe hatchbacks for a learner driver?

Answered by CarsGuide 19 Jun 2017

If it were my daughter I would be looking for safety and reliability as top priorities in a first car. With your budget I would be looking at a 2013/14 Mazda2, a 2014/15 Kia Rio, and a 2014 Toyota Yaris.

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Bubbling paint on Toyota Yaris

Answered by CarsGuide 19 May 2017

If it is still under warranty take it to your dealer and ask for an assessment of the paint and make a claim for it to be repaired. If it is out of warranty, try for a goodwill payment from Toyota; otherwise you are up for the cost of the re-spray.

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What should I be aware of purchasing a used car?

Answered by CarsGuide 6 Jan 2017

On the surface it seems a good deal, the price is about right for that model. You will need to pay a transfer fee of $38.30 and stamp duty of $630 to transfer the ownership into your name. Make sure the person selling it actually owns it by checking the ownership papers, and try to find out more about the insurance claim story. It would also be worth having the car checked by the motoring club in your state.

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Best first small car under $13k

Answered by CarsGuide 25 Nov 2016

We recently reviewed the Honda City as used car buy. To summarise the City has 5-star safety, which means it has all of the safety features you want, it also has the features your daughter wants. Best of all owners are unanimous in their praise for the car. The price is on the high side, but being a drive-away deal you save on government charges, which makes it a pretty good buy.

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Best first car options?

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Nov 2016

Do not buy a Cruze, or buy a European brand. They will prove costly. It's best to go for the cars that are well proven over many years. The Lancer is a good one, but so too is the Toyota Yaris or Corolla, Suzuki Swift, Mazda2 or 3, or Mitsubishi Colt.

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Yaris servicing problems

Answered by CarsGuide 22 Jul 2016

You are assuming that the problems have come about as a result of the work done on the car under the recall. While it is possible that you are correct, you cannot be sure until the problems are diagnosed. If the problems are a result of something the dealer has done then they should be responsible for fixing it; if they are not caused by what the dealer did then you would be responsible. First, you need to establish the cause of your problems, and then you can deal with them.

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Best small car for city driving?

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Jun 2016

You're not alone feeling the stress of choosing a new car. Toyota's Yaris is the safe choice but you should test drive the Suzuki Swift, since it also gets The Tick. Bargain hard on your favourite.

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