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Mitsubishi Triton 2019

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Mitsubishi Triton 2019

The 2019 Mitsubishi Triton range of configurations is currently priced from $28,670. Our most recent review of the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton resulted in a score of 6.8 out of 10 for that particular example.

Carsguide Managing Editor - Head of Video Matt Campbell had this to say at the time: If you need a workhorse truck, the Mitsubishi Triton offers a good value offering with surprising levels of refinement. But for us, a single cab GLX diesel manual would make a heck of a lot more sense than the petrol, especially considering it’s only a few grand more. 

You can read the full review here.

The 2019 Mitsubishi Triton carries a braked towing capacity of up to 3100 Kg, but check to ensure this applies to the configuration you're considering.

The Mitsubishi Triton is also known as the Mitsubishi Forte, the Strada, the Dodge Ram 50, the Plymouth Arrow Truck and the Mitsubishi Mighty Max in markets outside Australia.

Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Price and Specs

The Mitsubishi Triton 2019 is currently available from $28,670 for the Triton GLX up to $58,990 for the Triton GLS (4X4) Premium.

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Highest Price
Mitsubishi Triton Model Body Type Specs Price from Price to
Exceed (4x4) Ute 2.4L Diesel 5 SP AUTO
GLS (4X4) Ute 2.4L Diesel 6 SP AUTO $32,800 $43,010
GLS (4X4) Ute 2.4L Diesel 5 SP AUTO
GLS (4X4) Ute 2.4L Diesel 6 SP MAN
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Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Mitsubishi Triton 2019 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • What is causing my 2019 Mitsubishi Triton to have DPF issues?

    Since both the Triton and Pajero Sport boast exactly the same power and torque outputs, I doubt whether there’s a huge difference (if any at all) in the mapping of either engine. Which suggests that switching from one to the other without changing your driving patterns would be a very good way of reproducing the Triton’s DPF problems in a Pajero Sport. My suspicion is that you’re having to force multiple DPF regenerations because your driving habits don’t let the engine get up to the correct temperature often enough to allow the vehicle to conduct its own, automatic regeneration. This is a pretty common problem with modern turbo-diesels and it’s not a criticism of your driving, simply a confirmation that these modern diesel engines don’t like short trips. Then again, 24,000km in 12 months doesn’t sound like the vehicle is used solely for the school run.

    Six regenerations in 24,000km sounds like an awful lot, also, so I’d be more concerned that your dealer is underplaying the situation to avoid dealing with a problem in your specific vehicle. Has the vehicle been electronically scanned? Perhaps this might show up a dud sensor or other problem that’s making the computer think it needs another regeneration. We’ve heard of a faulty temperature sensor on this model Triton that can lead the DPF to offer up a false alarm that it’s ready for a regeneration. That could explain the high number of regenerations the vehicle has demanded. Again, a scan might tell the full story.

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  • What's the most reliable 4x4 diesel ute?

    Buying a car sight unseen is not a good idea. I would go for on of the big three: HiLux, Triton, or Courier. They are all much of a muchness when you get to the used car market. The important things are service history, odo reading, and previous use.

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Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Colours

  • White
  • White Diamond
  • Sterling Silver
  • Graphite Grey
  • Impulse Blue
  • Red
  • Black
To confirm current colour availability, please check the manufacturer's website.

Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Towing capacity

The Mitsubishi Triton’s towing capacity ranges from 2500kg to 3100kg. Some models also offer heavy-duty or towing option packs which can increase towing capacity, as well as options which can hamper towing capacity. Towing capacities can vary wildly on a large number of factors. These include engine, transmission, model, and options chosen. Always check with the manufacturer or in your vehicles handbook before attempting to tow anything.

Mitsubishi Triton Model Body Type Specs Braked Capacity
GLX Ute 2.4L,ULP,5 SP MAN 2500kg
GLX Ute 2.4L,Diesel,6 SP MAN 2500kg
GLX Ute 2.4L,Diesel,6 SP AUTO 2500kg
GLX Ute 2.4L,Diesel,5 SP AUTO 2500kg
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Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Dimensions

Dimensions for the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton are dependent on which body type is chosen. The maximum width and height is 1815mm x 1780mm and can vary on the basis of model.

Dimensions for the Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Dimensions  include 1780mm height, 1815mm width, 5280mm length.
Mitsubishi Triton Model Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
GLX Ute 1765x1785x5155 mm 200 mm
GLX (4X4) Ute 1770x1815x5075 mm 205 mm
GLX (4X4) Ute 1780x1815x5270 mm 205 mm
GLX (4X4) Ute 1780x1815x5200 mm 205 mm
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Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Wheel size

Wheel size for the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton will vary depending on model chosen, although keep in mind that many manufacturers offer alternate wheel sizes as options on many models.The wheel size available will alter the range of tyres available to be fitted. Standard wheel sizes on the Mitsubishi Triton vary from 16x6 inches to 18x7.5 inches.

Mitsubishi Triton Model Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
GLX Ute 205R16 16x6 inches 205R16 16x6 inches
GLX Ute 205 R16 16x6 inches 205 R16 16x6 inches
GLX (4X4) Ute 245x70 R16 16x7 inches 245x70 R16 16x7 inches
GLX (4X4) Ute 245x65 R17 17x7.5 inches 245x65 R17 17x7.5 inches
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Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Mitsubishi Triton currently offers fuel consumption from 7 to 11.4L/100km. The Mitsubishi Triton is available with the following fuel types: Diesel and ULP.

Mitsubishi Triton Model Body Type Specs Fuel Consumption
Exceed (4X4) Ute 2.4L,Diesel,5 SP AUTO 7.6L/100km
GLS (4X4) Ute 2.4L,Diesel,6 SP AUTO 8.6L/100km
GLX Ute 2.4L,ULP,5 SP MAN 10.9L/100km
GLX Ute 2.4L,ULP,5 SP MAN 11.4L/100km
* Combined fuel consumption See All Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Pricing and Specs

Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Seats

The following Mitsubishi Triton comes with two seats as a Single Cab, four seats as a Club Cab or five seats as a Dual Cab. Black and Dark Grey dual tone fabric upholstery is standard on the GLX, GLX ADAS, GLX+ and GLX-R variants. Black and Grey dual tone premium fabric upholstery is available on the GLS variant, with Black leather appointed seats available as an optional extra. The GSR variant comes with Black leather upholstery as standard.

Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Seats