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Isuzu MU-X
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Isuzu MU-X Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Isuzu MU-X is available from $47,900 to $67,400 for the 2022 SUV across a range of models.

Isuzu’s go-anywhere D-Max ute forms the building blocks for the Japanese brand’s first SUV, the $47,900-$67,400 MU-X. The diesel-only, mid-size SUV is more agricultural than its sleek, city-based competition - owing mostly to its ever-present tough-truck DNA - but it has forged a reputation for bulletproof reliability and go-anywhere capability that has made it a favourite among its fans. With trim levels ranging from the base MU-X LS-M (4X2) to the top MU-X LS-T (4X4), this dedicated seven-seater is praised for its strong towing capacity, and while it might lack some of the dynamic prowess of its Japanese rivals, it is unashamedly an SUV that feels at home outside of the city - and how many of its competitors can truly say that?

This vehicle is also known as Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet D-Max, Chevrolet LUV D-Max, Holden Colorado, Holden Rodeo, Isuzu KB, Isuzu LB, Isuzu Rodeo, Chevrolet T Series, GMC Canyon.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $47,900 $67,400
2021 $32,500 $66,660
2020 $31,500 $55,880
2019 $27,600 $53,240
2018 $25,300 $46,530
2017 $23,200 $42,790
2016 $21,000 $39,380
2015 $18,600 $35,970
2014 $17,800 $33,330
2013 $15,300 $29,260

Isuzu MU-X FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Isuzu MU-X here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Why is the fuel consumption of my 2019 Isuzu MU-X getting worse?

    My initial thought is that 11 or 12 litres per 100km for an overall average is about what I would have expected. These are not small cars, they’re not light and they have fairly ordinary aerodynamics.

    What you need to keep in mind is that the official fuel consumption figure is a number achieved on a very specific test cycle that in no way approximates a real-world experience. Car makers go to great lengths to nail a good number on these tests (for marketing purposes) often at the expense of real-world fuel economy. Yes, it does seem crazy, doesn’t it?

    You also mentioned you use your car mostly for high-speed driving. What’s your definition of high speed? Thanks to the aerodynamics of vehicles like the MU-X an extra 10km/h at freeway speeds can have a huge effect on economy. Even removing a roof-rack when you’re not using it can save a litre per 100km.

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  • Isuzu MU-X 2016: Problems after servicing

    Any odd or new noises from an automatic transmission are, indeed, bad noises Gavin. Squealing or screeching from the gearbox can be caused by any number of things, but none of them are good and none of them are likely to go away on their own.

    To be honest, I’ve heard of more problems with the Isuzu’s manual gearbox, with the fifth-gear synchro dragging and making a dry-bearing noise. The first thing I’d do is interrogate the car’s on-board computer to see if any fault codes show up and take it from there.

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  • What do you recommend for towing a horse trailer and large draft-horse?

    None of the vehicles you’ve listed are exactly low-maintenance units. They all have complex all-wheel-drive drivelines (which will be appreciated when towing a heavy trailer across a wet showground) and they use the latest common-rail diesel technology which is fairly intolerant of poor servicing.

    As for a power tailgate on a ute, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. But some of the wagon versions of these vehicles can be optioned with powered tailgates. The catch there is that these vehicles use coil sprung rear axles (as opposed to the leaf-sprung ute versions) so they’re not as adept at towing. The Toyota Fortuner, for instance can’t match the HiLux’s 3.5-tonne limit and makes do with 2800kg; not enough for your requirements. The Ford Everest (based on the Ranger) is a little better at 3000kg, but still trails the Ranger’s 3500kg towing capacity and is right on your self-imposed minimum.

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