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2020 Holden Colorado
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2020 Holden Colorado Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Holden Colorado 2020 prices range from $30,800 for the basic trim level Ute Colorado LS (4X2) to $63,990 for the top of the range Ute Colorado Z71 (4X4).

The Holden Colorado 2020 is available in Diesel.

When we reviewed the ‘price and features’ of the Colorado 2020, Andrew Chesterton gave it a rating of 8 out of 10. Find out more in the full review here.

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Holden Colorado Models SPECS PRICE
LS (4X2) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $25,600 – 33,990
LS (4X2) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $25,100 – 33,330
LS (4X2) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $30,000 – 39,270
LS (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $30,200 – 39,490
LS (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $32,800 – 43,010
LS (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $32,400 – 42,460
LS (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $33,400 – 43,780
LS (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $28,100 – 37,290
LS (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $33,000 – 43,230
LS (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $31,900 – 41,800
LS-X (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $35,300 – 45,650
LS-X (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $33,300 – 43,670
LT (4X2) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $34,100 – 44,110
LT (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $41,200 – 52,690
LT (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $39,400 – 50,380
LTZ (4X2) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $32,800 – 43,010
LTZ (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $39,800 – 50,930
LTZ (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $37,800 – 48,950
LTZ (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $39,300 – 50,270
Ltz+ (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $45,500 – 57,530
Ltz+ (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $43,700 – 55,220
Storm (4X4) Special Edition 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $39,700 – 50,820
Storm (4X4) Special Edition 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $44,500 – 56,210
Z71 (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed automatic $41,500 – 53,130
Z71 (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $39,900 – 51,040

Holden Colorado 2020 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Holden Colorado here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • My 2015 Holden Colorado selects reverse without a problem, the reverse camera comes on, but the tail lights don't light up when I hit the brake pedal...

    Failures of brake-light switches is quite common in modern cars. This is the tiny switch that is located either on the brake pedal itself or somewhere near the brake master cylinder that senses when you’ve applied the brakes and switches the brake lights on to warn following vehicles that you’re slowing.

    In the Colorado’s case, the switch is located on the brake pedal, so you’ll need to locate the old one and replace it with a new unit. Most mechanical workshops can do this quickly and cheaply, but if you want to tackle it yourself, the replacement switch can be bought at a parts store or online.

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  • When fitting four new tyres on my 2018 Holden Colorado, I was told it needed new suspension fitted, because the wheel alignment was out and could not be adjusted...

    It all depends on what parts of the suspension the workshop is telling you is worn out. If the strut tops or suspension-arm bushes are worn out, or there’s a problem with the ball-joints or tie-rod ends being too worn, then there’s certainly the chance that there’s insufficient adjustment within the system to return your wheel alignment settings to their correct spec. Even a worn out wheel bearing can cause all sorts of wheel-alignment issues.

    Just because you haven’t felt the problem, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. These issues develop gradually and we don’t always notice the small changes week to week until they become a bigger problem.

    If, however, you genuinely think the tyre shop is trying to rip you off, you can have the car independently inspected to see if you’re being told the truth. Your state motoring club should be able to help here. Sadly, some of the bigger car-repair retailers have been caught loading up a customer’s repair quote in the past, and consumers need to be on the lookout for these bogus `faults’ that will be added to the bill. We’re definitely not tarring all big chain retailers with the same brush, but it’s something to be aware of.

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  • I replaced my engine and now I have odd vibrations in the car when I drive it...

    Vibrations through a car at varying speeds or throttle position can be an indication of wheel imbalance, poor wheel alignment, worn suspension parts, a damaged tyre, bent wheel rim, a driveshaft or CV joint problem, engine misfire, gearbox of differential issue, over-tight brake, worn brake drum or rotor and perhaps a million other things.

    If the problem is worse since the new engine was fitted, I’d be looking at things like engine mounts which can wear and even fail, leading to a vibration or wobble throughout the whole car.

    But if the bull-bar is wobbling in sympathy, don’t rule out a loose bolt(s) in the bull-bar mounts which are allowing it to flop about and send a shiver through the rest of the car. Even a blob of mud stuck in the inside of a wheel rim can be enough to imbalance that wheel and produce the same effect when the particular harmonics of slowing down enter the equation.

    You could start with the engine mounts and work your way backwards along the driveline, looking for worn couplings, U-bolts and universal joints. If you have a Go-Pro camera, maybe mounting that under the car and reviewing the footage afterward might give you a clue as to what’s causing the wobble. Having the wheels and tyres balanced would be another relatively inexpensive way of ruling out one possibility.

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