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Mercedes A250 4Matic 2019 review

A-Classy experience: The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class really is fabulous to look at, inside and out.

The small hatchback has come of age. I feel like it’s grown up from being that car you got when you went to uni, and has graduated to the car you get even when you have a family.  Because they’re not so small any more. Take this Mercedes A250 for example. I thought it was going to be one of those weeks where I had to squash the family in the car, but not so. 

I was in the A250 4Matic, which is in the middle of the range. This is one of the early release models which starts at $49,500, although with all extras added this particular car comes to $57,440. Later release models will be more expensive, although pricing hasn't been announced yet, so if you can nab an early one, you’ll get a saving of a few grand .

My family and I spent a week living a Class A lifestyle with the Benz, so let's see how we got on.

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How does it look?

From the outside and especially in this colour (it’s Iridium Silver Metallic, which costs an extra $1190), it reminds me of liquid mercury. It's all silver and fluid with long curves and smooth lines and no sharp edges. It’s very elegant in design and has just the right length to the hatchback. Some hatches can be too long or too short, but this feels just right.

  • From the outside and in this colour the A250 reminds me of liquid mercury. From the outside and in this colour the A250 reminds me of liquid mercury.
  • The A-Class is very elegant in design. The A-Class is very elegant in design.

The interior is equally impressive. It starts with a double multimedia screen that stretches from the centre of the car to the driver’s side, and displays a completely digital dashboard, together with the multimedia tech in the centre.

Then there are air vents, which look more like tyre rims, with metallic liquid silver framing the circular blowholes. This is all balanced out with a clean, minimal design across the bottom of the centre console, with a high-gloss lid concealing storage, and a touch-pad mouse that controls the multimedia.

Inside, there's a double multimedia screen that stretches from the centre of the car to the driver’s side. Inside, there's a double multimedia screen that stretches from the centre of the car to the driver’s side.

The leather steering wheel and seats look like they belong in a racing car, but turn out to be far too comfortable for that. There’s also a seat-shaped metallic silver control that operate the powered pews into position, with more of the metallic accents on handles and doors throughout. In short, it looks quite fabulous. And premium.

How spacious is it?

I drove a few friends home after going out on Friday night and what they all said about the A250 was “This is the car I would want if I didn’t have a family.” I felt I had to argue this point with them, because actually, this car does fit my family. Of course it depends on the size of your particular brood, the age of your children and how much space you want and are willing to live with, but fit everyone? Tick. Yes it does. 

There was enough space in the front for me and my taller husband, we both had a good amount of leg and head room and neither of us felt cramped, as you can in some small cars and even some small SUVs. My husband didn’t even have to compromise on space when putting his seat back; he didn’t run into little legs behind him.

My two children aged five and seven had a good amount of space in the back seat. I also fit in easily, I’m 161cm and, when I was driving my friends home, the tall ones fit just fine in the rear. Everyone was quite happy in this car.

In the back, there's plenty of room for kids even adults. In the back, there's plenty of room for kids even adults.

You’ll also be able to get a third child seat in the middle. It will be tight and doing up seat belts may get annoying, but it will fit. 

The boot has grown since last year’s A250 model by 30 litres, it’s now 370 litres, which is similar to an Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series. I was able to fit a pram inside with room to spare for groceries. Strangely though, there is no spare tyre. Just a repair kit. 

  • Boot space is rated at 370 litres. Boot space is rated at 370 litres.
  • There's enough room to fit a pram with space to spare for groceries. There's enough room to fit a pram with space to spare for groceries.

How does it drive?

Exactly how it looks. Smooth. You can barely feel the bumps in the road and everything is very cruisy.  It’s also fast, going from 0-100km/h in 6.2 seconds, so you’ll beat most cars off the lights, which is always a nice feeling. It's powered by a 2.0-litre engine that zooms up hills and coasts along highways.

The gears are on the steering wheel, which made a big difference when doing three-point turns this week, because you don’t have to move your hands, so it’s a very efficient way to drive. The A250 4Matic is all-wheel drive, so I’d be comfortable taking it on dirt and gravel roads. I drove it in torrential rain this week and had no issues with traction on the road.

It only takes the A250 6.2 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h. It only takes the A250 6.2 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h.

There’s a seriously high-definition reverse parking camera with a 360-degree camera as well. It’s all in colour and you can see exactly where you are compared with what’s around you. 

How easy is it to use every day?

Everything is within reaching distance, so you can touch the touchscreen but also use the mousepad if you prefer. There are two cupholders in the front plus a spot to throw your phone and it also charges wirelessly, if your phone is compatible. There’s also a central storage bin that opens with a button and bottle holders in each door.

Rear passengers get two cupholders in the centre armrest, pockets on the back of the front doors but no airvents for themselves, which is something my children tend to notice. Although with the five circular air vents in the front, there is definitely enough ventilation, and the car cools quickly. 

The boot is quite heavy to lift and close but the loading lip is a good height off the ground to lift things into.

What’s the tech like?

You have your choice of Mercedes’ own multimedia system, which has a built in sat nav and even it’s own version of Siri, or you can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, so it's up to you. The Mercedes system is good enough to use full time, but if you like using your phone then CarPlay or Auto make it an easy tech decision. 

The A250 also uses AI to learn what you like and adjusts its settings accordingly. For example, when I first got the car I couldn’t figure out why the radio kept going back to Triple M when I had set it to Triple J, but it was because the last driver was a Triple M fan and the car had learned to adjust. It only took two occasions of me turning it back to Triple J for the car to learn what I liked. Clever. 

How safe is it?

You’ll get nine airbags in the A250, which is great because there are normally only seven. The extra two come in the form of side airbags for the rear, which is a great addition because even lots of SUVs, purpose built for driving families around, are lacking side airbags and normally just have side curtain airbags.

There is also a load of advanced safety equipment, like auto emergency braking and active lane keep assist. The A250 gets a five star ANCAP rating

How much does it cost to own?

This early stage Mercedes A250 starts at $49,500. With extras added like Night Package at $1490, Seat Comfort Package for $1290, Vision Package at $2490 and Keyless Go  for $990, amongst other things, the total as-tested price came to $57,440. A later release 2019 A250 will come in at least $5000 more expensive. 

Fuel consumption is  6.6L/100km which is pretty good for a car with this engine. It’s covered by the Mercedes-Benz three-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty and servicing is needed every 12 months or 25,000km. 

The Wrap

I really enjoyed driving the Mercedes A250 this week, and was genuinely surprised that small hatch could have enough room to fit the family. Sure, we weren’t overwhelmed by space, but for a second car it would be great (you wouldn’t take this one on a road trip, because there's no spare tyre). 

It drives very smoothly, is super quick, looks incredible inside and out and has all the latest in safety and technology. 

I gave it a family rating of eight out of 10. My children also gave it an eight,  at least partly because they loved the way the interior lit up at night.


Interior and exterior design


No spare tyre




The Kids:


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