The Corolla. A small car that's been part of our local car landscape since 1967. It's an Aussie favourite, and for the past four years the country's number one selling car.

Not many cars can come close to making a claim like that - to have such a long and successful run. The Corolla is the car equivalent of Neighbours only it's been around more than two decades longer.

The Corolla is so famous I haven't even mentioned it's a Toyota because I don't need to, you know what it is - it's achieved single-name status like Elvis, Madonna and Oprah.

That doesn't happen accidentally. The Corolla has earned a reputation for being reliable, good value and well built. But much has changed in 50 years, and the small car segment is full of excellent offerings from the Mazda3 to the Hyundai i30. So, how does the latest incarnation of the Corolla shape up against the competition?

You'll find out in this review which covers hatch and sedan versions of the Corolla.