Kids, eh? You raise them up, you keep them safe in Mum and Dad's Corollas and Camrys. Grandma ferries them to the movies in an Echo or Yaris, the last car she ever need own. And how do they repay you for all these years of faithful service? By buying other brands', supposedly funkier mini-SUVs, abandoning the sensible option of a perfectly serviceable Toyota motor car.

Oh, sure, you tried before and brought out the Rukus. But Mum and Dad bought them when the kids left home. Grandma even considered one when she discovered what an easy step-in-and-out proposition it was compared to the ageing Echo. The only car of yours that the yoofs will buy is the 86, and that's for men who can't wear a baseball cap correctly, and argue about tyre pressures and whether or not it needs more power, torque or a turbo V6 like Godzilla. Then they start complaining there's still no new Supra.

So frustrating. Not even you, the mighty Toyota, can tempt the customers you want, young professionals who understand millinery and will hopefully upgrade to a RAV4 when their kids come along. So what have you done? You've joined them, joined them in the mini-SUV segment with a car that... well, it looks pretty good, and is suddenly something those ungrateful wretches might want to buy.